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Dream Flights (Lite)

14.37 usd

Many people pilot DJI drones for shooting great photos and videos. We fly them for the feeling of free flight, like in dreams.Put your phone into VR glasses such as Google card, Carl Zeiss VR, Homido, Yes! VR, Fibrum or similar, connect it to the RС controller of a DJI drone* and find yourself ascending above your favorite scenes, soaring free as a bird.
No joysticks – it is only your body which controls everything. The drone turns by azimuth following your turns, tilts as you tilt, and, through tilting, flies in the direction you want to go. To acsend, just look up, to descend – turn your head very far down.
Flight parameters: bearing, distance to Home point, altitude and modes of flight are displayed both as numbers and on a specially designed graphical 3D object called the Director.
On Inspire 1, in “Passenger mode” you will enjoy 360 degrees (horizontal) by 90 degrees (vertical) free view by tilting your hear and turning your sight to any direction, while a pilot controls speeds of aircraft with RC in “P” or “A” modes. This mode is extremely useful for operators who need an easy way to trace objects in field of view and construct the frame
Flight safety is supported through several measures: - “Safe cylinder” – the drone rebounds back when you fly outside it
- Co-pilot capability – a person who holds the RC and observes the drone by sight (not necessary, but useful for safety)
- Return control back to the RC at any moment by using the hardware switch on the RC
- A simple simulator inside to let you gain tilting control skills before real flight- Others (see “How to fly your dreams” at
And all of the above without any obstruction by sun light in the VR glasses!
DJI models supported: Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional, Inspire 1.The flight range in Lite version is limited to 200м